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Man with skin picking disorder
Excoriation disorder is categorized as a mental illness. Let the professional therapists at Counseling Now help you overcome this.
man with pornography addiction
Pornography addiction is a type of behavioral problem. If you want to know more about pornography addiction, read further.
girl daydreaming
How to stop day dreaming? If you’ve been spacing out often and it starts to affect your everyday life, seek help from Counseling Now.
woman with separation anxiety
The concept of separation anxiety is primarily applicable to young children because they tend to become highly anxious during goodbyes. Children with separation anxiety
A girl worrying she may be sick may have illness anxiety disorder.
Illness anxiety disorder, hypochondriasis or health anxiety is worrying about becoming seriously ill even without the physical symptoms.
A sadist hurting another person
Sadistic personality disorder is a type of personality disorder sadists posses. Sadists are people who finds pleasure in hurting others.
If you’re reading this, you likely already know just how important therapy is when it comes to your healing. To get the most out
inner peace
Much of the modern world seems to be obsessed with speed and efficiency. Pretty much anything can be done or can happen with the
Mother having postpartum depression
Pregnancy and childbirth bring many changes and challenges to parents, especially mothers. Some hurdles may even come as a surprise since only a minor
anger management
Anger is a normal human emotion, much like happiness, amusement, and boredom. But what if your anger becomes intense and frequent and starts to