Employee Assistance Program

Discounted Monthly Employee Pricing

What You'll Get

The benefits of this program include greater access to behavioral health services and exclusive pricing for employees of businesses who participate with us.
We will customize agreements to fit the needs of the businesses we partner with to make mental health simple and affordable

These plans are competitively priced and make mental health benefits affordable and accessible to both employers and employees alike!

We Accept Insurance for Telehealth Therapy

As much as possible, we don’t want you to have to worry about the cost of your mental healthcare. That’s why we’re glad to accept a wide range of insurance plans for our online counseling and psychiatry services, including:

Don’t see your insurance provider listed here? Just reach out and we will let you know if we can work with your plan.

We Make Mental Health Affordable

We accept most major insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and offer affordable self pay options.

Meet our Providers

Therapists And Counselors

Therapists And Counselors

We have dozens of down to earth therapists with a wide range of specializations. Explore our mental health team now.

Psychiatry Services For Medication

Psychiatry service providers are licensed to treat your mental health condition with medicine that can decrease invasive symptoms.
Case Managers

Case Managers

Our case managers help Medicaid recipients in need find jobs, housing, health care, and more. Clients must have Medicaid, and an eligible mental health diagnosis.